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Size: 4x5 inches

Materials: These are made of two layers, Strathmore Bristol acid-free heavyweight paper on the bottom, Vellum on the top. I printed on both papers with my Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark II

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This is a mixed-media piece that's a little different from my usual work as I've started playing around with printing on very thin vellum to layer over other things. Given that it's two pieces there will be some slight variation between each finished piece. The layers are attached to each other permanently, not loose.

The bottom image is Beauty Revealed by Sarah Goodridge (1828).

I'm not setting a limit on how many of these I make overall, however that isn't to say I'll be making an endless amount of them. It might just be that I offer them until I run out of supplies, or I run out of patience with the vellum. Whichever comes first.

Every print is created by me personally before shipping out to customers to ensure quality, as well as to be hand signed, and dated with the year the print was made.

Right now I have this one 4x5 is already finished and I can ship within 2-3 business days of payment being received. Ones I have to make on demand could take an extra day or two on top of that. Insurance, faster shipping, etc, is also available if requested, at an additional cost.

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* I do my best to represent each piece as best as I can, but, due to differences in monitors/settings there's always the chance there are differences between what you see on your monitor and how the piece looks in person. Rest assured that the print you receive will look the way I intended it to.
(Copyright information might have been placed digitally on the image but will NOT be on the print.)

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