About the Artist

( Artsy fartsy stuff creator / Puppy cuddler / Coffee, never tea / Old house lover / Pickle hater)

portrait of a woman holding broken magnifier in front of her face

The basics: I'm Caryn, in my early 40's, glad to have escaped my semi-native Florida, instead now unhappily living in the foothills of Western North Carolina. Currently scheming a move to Baltimore. 

The art stuff: I am completely self taught. Everything I know I learned through trial and error or the internet, starting back when I was a teenager and taking off more fully in my early 20's. A good portion of my images are self portraits, though I do enjoy working with others as well, and COVID permitting hope to return to that soon.

I've been selling prints online since the early 2000's, with my main shop having been on Etsy from 2006 until recently.

Currently I shoot with a Canon 77D, but in the past i've used a bunch of Canon & Nikon DSLR's and a few film cameras as well.

Around 2012 I started playing around with altering prints and working with different materials, mostly prints on fabric, and then after not having a studio for about 4 years (didn't have a camera either for a few of those years) I leaned more into the mixed-media work. My mood dictates what area i'm currently focused on, but these days i'd say i'm equally a photographer and a mixed-media artist.

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