Shop Policies


All of my prints, unless otherwise noted, are done by a small print shop based in NY that i've been relying on for more than 10 years now. Prints are created using high quality TIF files, and are printed using the process of "exposing" digital images onto photo sensitive paper, specifically Kodak Professional Portra Endura photo paper. They are rated as archival.

Every print is seen by me personally before shipping out to customers to ensure quality, as well as to be hand signed and dated with year the print was made on the back of the print.

I very rarely offer Limited Editions, so unless otherwise stated, all my prints are Open Editions.

Sizes & Paper Finishes

In order to reduce clutter in the listings, I default to only offering most of my images as prints in their uncropped sizes, but that doesn't mean other cropped sizes, or smaller/larger sizes, aren't also a possibility for some images. (Example: 8x12 is one of the default print sizes for images straight from the camera, and the full version might be what I prefer, but there also might be enough space for it to be cropped to an 8x10 without issue. Others I prefer cropped to an 8x10, but they can still be made as an 8x12.)

I also default to offering all prints in Matte finish, but Lustre, Glossy and Metallic is also an option for most sizes.

White borders are also available for all prints.

If you're looking for a specific size or finish that's not included in the listing, contact me and i'll see what I can do. I'm honestly not opposed to adding a white border, cropping images (if it doesn't crop out anything "important") or having them done in other finishes, there's just a LOT of options and including them all in every listing can get overwhelming.


Also Available *

  • Canvas Prints (Wrapped on a frame or unwrapped)
  • Giclee prints on Somerset Velvet Watercolor paper
  • Foamboard mounting
  • Laminated finish
  • Ready to hang Plak Mounting
  • Matting and/or Framing

*Free shipping does not apply to these options, and are all at an additional cost.


Images not in the shop

If you're used to my Etsy shop, you'll probably notice that my shop here offers way fewer prints in comparison. In fact, since i've had my images online for more than 20 years now, there are (a slightly insane amount of) images floating around online that aren't included on my site or in the shop. If there's something you've seen elsewhere and would like a print of it, feel free to contact me! So long as it's not an image I lost the original file for, i'd be happy to have prints made for you.


Turnaround time

I don't keep prints on hand, instead opting to have them made after orders come in. Due to the print shop being out of state, and considering the unpredictability of the USPS these days, I err on the side of caution and ask that customers within the U.S. allow 2 weeks time for their prints to arrive from the point in which they ordered them. That said, normally turnaround time is much faster than that, with many prints arriving within 7 business days of purchase.

(Customers outside of the U.S.: Check the shipping section below for more information.)

If an order is needed by a specific date, please contact me first so we can make sure it'll arrive in time.


Mixed media pieces

There's a lot of variety with my mixed-media pieces, so refer to the listings for the details specific to each. Generally though, they're all one of a kind pieces that i've made myself. On some occassions I'll make scans of the pieces afterwards in order to either submit them to my stock agency or to sell as prints, but as far as the original goes, it's the one and only.

(Prints that I make from scans are listed only in the Prints section of the shop and are labeled as being reproductions.)

I do create commissioned mixed-media pieces, and while I might be willing to do something similar to a previously made piece, I will never recreate it down to the last detail. I encourage more of a collaboration in order for them to be more personal to the customer, and to make sure each piece is unique.

Fabric Prints

A decent amount of my mixed media pieces are created using fabric prints. These have been printed myself with my Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II photo printer and fabric that's treated and meant to be printed on. It's traditionally used by quilters or sewers making their own household items, so it's expected to hold the ink over time, even through being washed. That said, just like with traditional prints, it's not recommended to display them in direct sunlight to avoid fading, unless under UV protected glass or acrylic. Unless otherwise noted I usually use 100% cotton.


Customers within the U.S. can enjoy free shipping on all print orders. 

These orders will be shipped with First Class mail via USPS, or, should the cost be the same or less expensive (this is often the case with orders that include larger sized prints) Priority Mail via USPS. (Expedited shipping is available for all orders at an additional cost.)

This also applies to any Mixed-media piece that is stated as having free shipping in the listing. Otherwise shipping is not included and will be the exact price i'm charged to ship it to you.

I do still ship internationaly, however due to the limited options and what's typically a high cost, I prefer to work with a customer directly to create these orders in order to fully go over the options and limitations.

All customers will receive notification once their order has been shipped out, including tracking information.



Small prints are usually shipped within a clear, sealed envelope (so that you can handle the print without worrying about fingerprints) and then sandwiched between two supporting pieces that are placed in a recyclable, rigid mailer.

Larger prints are either shipped flat, protected by craft paper, and attached to a cardboard sheet which is then boxed, or they're shipped in a double tube system. (Mostly the largest print sizes offered.) Nearly all these materials are also recycable, and I encourage you to reuse what isn't.


Returns / Exchanges

I don't accept returns or exchanges.

If there are any issues with your order please contact me as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, also feel free to contact me. I have no problem spending as much time as necessary making sure you're happy with your order.