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Size: 13 inches wide by 19 inches tall (roughly)

Material: 100% cotton, printed myself with Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark II

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PLEASE NOTE! This is for a mixed media original, NOT a reproduction print. Since this is an already finished piece, I can ship it within 48 hours of purchase.

I printed one of my original photos (Black Roses, featuring Kayla) onto cotton fabric, distressed it in places, hand sewed vintage beads in spots, cut out a portion of the chest area and attached a vintage beaded "sacred heart" piece in it's place (which has black tulle fabric layered over tin foil behind it.)

I really love this piece in person, it changes a little depending on the angle due the metallic nature of the vintage beads, because sometimes you see them, and sometimes they blend in due to the flecks and spots that's part of the print itself, depending on the light. Compared to the original photo version of the image, this print isn't a true black and white, has a bit of a warmer sepia tinge to it.

This is a loose piece of fabric, so it'll need to be mounted in order to be framed properly without any wrinkling or sagging over time. Mounting, matting and/or framing is available at an extra cost, or you can just get it done at a framer local to you (which in many cases is cheaper due to the weight and cost to ship frames.)

It'll be shipped flat the same way my photographic prints are.

Please look at the dimensions in the beginning of the listing so you're aware of it's size before purchase.

* I do my best to represent each piece as best as I can, but due to differences in monitors/settings there's always the chance there are differences between what you see on your monitor and how the piece looks in person.

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I do not accept returns or exchanges.

Again, please refer to the Shop Policies for more indepth information on all the aspects I briefly covered above. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask first! I'd prefer exchanging 50 emails before you ever place your order to make sure you're happy in the end.
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(Alloy by Caryn Drexl. Antique looking portrait of a black woman wearing a black rose headpiece printed onto fabric.)